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Create outstanding home videos for your company

Easy creation of high-quality videos

Hundreds of templates and creative effects

Total creative freedom tailored to your brand


Video creation

Unlimited creation

All types of corporate video

Format: Square - landscape - story

Resolution: FullHD and Green HD

Export: MP4, Animated GIF, Interactive Player

Rendering: Motion design or filmed video

Length: Short video and long video


Simple creation with ready-to-use video templates

Create from hundreds of graphic templates

100% free creation via +1,200 creative effects (text, visuals, transitions...)

Access to the Media Hub: Millions of royalty-free media

Exclusive Universal Music Production music catalog

AI video subtitling and translation

Sound management: audio volume, fades, voice-overs and text-to-speech.


Brand integration: logos, colors, fonts, pictograms, key visuals, music...

Brand Center: Manage and secure your brands

Create your brand templates

Collaborative working

Access rights management and validation workflow

Different levels of use

Partage de vidéos finalisées et en conception

Sharing finished and in-progress videos

Internal media library: organize and share your media

Managing media intellectual property

Cross-device use



Hosted in Europe

Single sign-on (SSO)

Training and support

Customized onboarding

Dedicated account manager

Webinar training

Technical support and creative coaching

2Emotion Academy: resource center and tutorials

E-learning course on digital video and filming equipment

Skills certification

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More Information

Frequently asked questions

2Emotion is a simple tool. Designed to be used by anyone, it doesn’t require any particular technical or artistic skills. As soon as you know what message you want to convey and how to illustrate it, 2Emotion lets you put it into video. Video templates or sequences can also be used as a starting point for inspiration. Finally, the 2Emotion team remains at your disposal to assist and support you in your projects.

Estimates based on customer feedback and time spent on 2Emotion show that they spend between 20 minutes to create a simple video and a few hours for a longer one.

The video templates and sequence templates have been designed to simplify the task and speed up the time spent creating a video. Modify them in just a few minutes and you’ll have quality videos in no time.

But above all, it’s a question of priority. Using video now will enable you to boost your results, impress your customers and partners, increase your visibility and stand out from the crowd.

2Emotion is a versatile tool that lets you create many different types of videos and effects. You’re guaranteed to get the most effective, high-quality renderings for your videos in just a few clicks. If you need a very specific rendering, the 2Emotion Academy and support team are there to help you.

It’s totally possible to produce videos without filmed video rushes. We’re in the age of motion marketing: images, pictograms and animated motion design messages are all you need to make professional videos and reap the benefits. You can also tap into the Media Hub, which contains millions of images, videos, pictograms, music and much more.

Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects are tools dedicated to videographers, containing a wealth of features for creating complete films with special effects.

However, they are not suited to the needs of digital marketers, who need to be able to create high-quality video quickly, have all the tools they need at their fingertips, and be able to work in a team.

You’ll only need 2Emotion for all your team’s video needs, while securing your graphic charter.

As a digital marketer, communicator, HR specialist or even videographer, you’re likely to burn yourself out doing countless actions and optimizing your daily routine to achieve your goals. But did you know that 70% of the content you generate goes unread? It’s not because it’s not interesting, it’s because it’s in a form that doesn’t interest your targets. Your targets expect video content. The big players on the web have understood this, placing video at the heart of the internet and social networks.

Using video now will enable you to increase your results, impress your customers and partners, be more visible and stand out from the crowd.

There’s no time to lose: it’s more than strategic to develop your video marketing.

When you join 2Emotion, your account is fully adapted to your brand (or brands). Your graphic charter is integrated, and all graphic elements (templates, pictos, texts…) are automatically mapped to your colors, fonts and logos.

You can manage your graphic charter directly within the tool, in the Brand Center (reserved for supervisors), where you manage not only the charter, but also the choice of elements authorized for use by content creators.

You have unlimited video creation. Produce agency-quality videos en masse and quickly to set yourself apart from the competition.

2Emotion has no rights whatsoever to the videos you produce; they’re entirely your property and you’re free to do what you like with them. Videos can be used for TV advertising, for example.

Once you’ve produced a video, you can export it in a variety of ways.

Either in MP4, HD or Green HD, our environmentally-friendly video encoding system.

As a GIF.

Or as an interactive player.