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Because we are aware that video consumption on the web will continue to progress in the years to come, it is important to offer our customers the guarantee that their video production produced with 2Emotion is as optimized as possible both in terms of the quality of the service provided only in the environmental values ​​they carry.

Why a Green video creation platform?

The digital sector currently represents more than 3% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

The production of digital terminals (smartphone, computer, connected objects, etc.) and telecom networks represent  75%   of the carbon footprint of our sector. The data centers, which host the Saas web sites and solutions, represent 25% of this value.

As a digital player, 2Emotion wishes to take its share of responsibility and is committed to optimizing its activities in order to limit its carbon footprint.

We are deeply committed to taking into account digital environmental issues to offer our customers the guarantee of using an eco-responsible solution.

Using 2Emotion is the guarantee of an eco-responsible solution

Green Video Production

Encoding without loss of quality

All media (videos, visuals, music, animation, etc.) entering and leaving the 2Emotion platform are encoded without loss of quality. Average gain: a division by 3 of the final weight of the media and therefore of its energy consumption.

A Green HD format

2Emotion offers a wide choice of video production with different resolution modes.
Choosing to produce your final video in Green HD means dividing the weight of your video by 4 compared to a Full HD format and by 16 compared to a 4K format.

An optimized media gallery

In addition to the systematic encoding of all media, the technological architecture of the gallery is designed to be economical in terms of bandwidth and server storage : Classification of media without duplicates, media version system without duplication, search bar by tags…

Green media library 2Emotion

Green Design Interface

An economical dark interface

The 2Emotion platform has a dark interface for editing videos allowing an average energy saving of
60% compared to a clear editing interface.

Energy-efficient bandwidth

99.996% of the data used to create your video is loaded only once when opening your video edition. Then, whatever the time spent, only 0,04% of the data will call on the servers.

A low-power video player

When creating a video, each user needs to launch one or more visualizations of their editing in order to validate the relevance of their choices. At 2Emotion, the viewing video player is energy efficient because it avoids the systematic launch of the production of the entire video. With each visualization, it is a gain of +95% of energy saving.

Green IT Hosting

Data hosting closer to users

Using Chinese or American web applications means sending your data to servers on the other side of the world. 2Emotion is committed to hosting its data as close as possible to each of its users, thus optimizing the energy consumption of each byte used

A choice of Green hosting provider

2Emotion chooses its partners according to their performance but also their Green policy (neutral carbon footprint, environmental policy) in place and to come. 

Use of Watercooling technology

2Emotion selects its hosting servers according to the latest technologies to optimize their energy consumption. Servers benefiting from the cooling system called watercooling allow 40% of the electricity consumption of a server (compared to air ventilation). More expensive but more responsible than a standard server.

technologie écologie

2Emotion, a carbon neutral company.

If we cannot control all the carbon impacts emitted by our professional activities, these can be neutralized by the sequestration or reduction of carbon elsewhere.

This operation is possible through the purchase of carbon credits (1 carbon credit = 1 ton of CO2) which is used to finance projects for access to energy, recovery of household waste or even reforestation.

Our strategy is to contribute to the Net Zero initiative by:

Reducing our emissions to their lowest level

Helping our customers reduce their emissions

Implementing carbon capture programs to offset what we couldn’t lower

With the Good Planet Foundation, 2Emotion undertakes to calculate its carbon footprint every year and to compensate for what we have not succeeded in lowering by implementing carbon capture programs.

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