AI subtitling & translation

Instantly generate subtitles for your video and localize them with a single click.


The subtitling headache
finally over!

The power of AI eliminates the time-consuming work of subtitling and translating videos. Optimize the readability and accessibility of all your videos.

Automatically subtitle your videos with AI

Artificial intelligence detects the language, lyrics and subtitles of your entire video.

automatic video subtitles

Automatically translate your videos

Localize your video by using AI to translate your subtitles into over 120 languages.

translated video subtitles

Customize your subtitles

Set subtitles to your style: background, color, font, size.

personalized video subtitles

Why use subtitles?


Make it easy to understand

Videos are viewed without sound in over 75% of cases on Facebook and Linkedin.


Deploy in multiple languages

Adapt the lyrics of your videos for foreign audiences.

Improve SEO

Videos with subtitles are better indexed by search engines.

Grab attention

Subtitles will more easily capture users’ attention.

No technical or artistic skills required. Create professional videos in 20 minutes!

Become remarkable !

Let’s start with a personalized demo with an advisor.


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