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2 users

290 €

annual commitment


Unlimited creation of filmed videos or motion design


Simple creation via templates or 100% free composition


Access to media libraries and creative effects galleries


Advanced editing features and automatic subtitling of videos


Integration of the graphic charter (logo, colors, fonts, visuals, etc.)


Creative Coaching


5 users

180 €

annual commitment


Includes all Core License features


Collaborative features: Organization, sharing and validation


Several levels of accounts


Ability to create and share new templates


Ability to manage and edit several graphic charters


10 users

145 €

annual commitment


Includes all features of the Plus license


Activity Dashboard and User Tracking


Advanced media management: intellectual property, access…


Dedicated account manager


Because video has become the reference way, it is essential for marketing and communication teams to identify where to use it and how to create it to achieve the targeted objectives. This personalized training is carried out by a video reference expert who gives you all the keys to get off to a good start and build your video strategy:

  • Digital video use : Understand the evolution of video, know the different video formats and how to create them, define your strategy for publishing video content
  • Film professionally with a smartphone : Realize a return on event quickly and simply, techniques for capturing a video interview (long expertise or short for social networks)
  • Discover 2Emotion : Onboarding of the tool, the key features to create videos
  • A VIDEO MARKETER certification, issued by 2Emotion, a guarantee of recognition and enhancement of the skills acquired following this training.

Available in training day or e-learning
2Emotion is an approved training organization activity number : 11755766675
Adapted pricing according to the number of participants

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Frequently asked questions

2Emotion is a simple tool. Designed to be used by marketing teams, it does not require special technical or artistic skills. As soon as you know what message you want to convey and how to illustrate it, 2Emotion lets you stage it on video. Demonstration videos also can be used as a starting point for inspiration. Finally, the 2Emotion team remains at your disposal to assist and support you in your projects.

The estimate based on feedback from our customers and information about the time spent on 2E goes back to the fact that they spend around 20 minutes to create a simple video and a few hours for a longer video.

2E Video Marketing has been designed to simplify your task and speed up the time spent creating a video.

But the question is above all a question of priority, using video now will allow you to increase your results, impress your customers and partners, be more visible and differentiate yourself.

2E Video Marketing is a versatile tool for making many different types of videos and effects. It’s the assurance of having the most efficient and quality renderings in just a few clicks for your videos. In case you need a very specific rendering, the 2E Creative Team is at your service.

It is completely possible to produce videos without filmed video rushes. We are in the era of movement marketing: images, pictograms and animated messages in motion design are enough to make marketing videos and reap the benefits. We have many examples and tools for making motion design videos.

Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects are tools dedicated to videographers, they contain a lot of features to make full movies with special effects.

However, they are not adapted to the needs of digital marketers, which are to be able to quickly create a high quality video, to have on hand all the tools that meet their needs or to be able to work as a team.

As a Digital Marketer, you risk exhausting yourself by performing countless marketing actions and optimizations to achieve your goals. However, did you know that 70% of marketing content is not read, it is not for lack of being interesting, it is because it is in a form that does not interest your targets. Your targets are waiting for video content. Major web players have understood this by placing video at the heart of the internet and social networks.

Using video now will increase your results, impress your customers and partners, be more visible and differentiate yourself.

You have no time to waste, it is more than strategic to develop your video marketing.

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