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Videos for

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Ads with videos receive an average of 4 times more requests for information than those without. Ubiflow


Why a video strategy ?

Become an influential leader.

20 seconds to make the decision

20 seconds is the time to make a decision to discover or not a property offered on a real estate or tourism site. According to Google, a video ad generates 5 times more clicks than a photo ad and increases the chances of being on the first search page by 53%.
Be able to simply and quickly add a video presentation of your goods, whether from a photo animation or a video capture.

Social networks, word of mouth 2.0

At a time of social media, where each of us has a smartphone in the pocket, it becomes essential for real estate and tourism sites to appropriate this space for presenting their offers. In this real place of sharing and word of mouth, produce teasing videos of your goods, let your communities play to become a leader of influence in your field.

Go beyond simple video ads

In an ultra-competitive universe, it becomes necessary to assert one’s territorial expertise and therefore to go beyond the simple video of presentation of a property. Whether in real estate or tourism, you need to go beyond the vision of a property and offer real expertise in the territory you operate.

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