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Facebook is the first source of information for those under 35, followed by Youtube. The smartphone is for 88% of them the first place to search for information. Social Media Today


Why a video strategy ?

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Video, infotainment format

Imported straight from American culture, infotainment is the culture at the heart of all digital communication. Its media: Video, the most popular format allowing used to illustrate all types of content and to make it accessible to all audiences in less than a minute. Informing in the digital age means informing on video.

Video to win the attention battle

Decipher the news, raise awareness, popularize. The video provides additional reading to the text for Internet users who are too in a hurry to read. An explanatory or educational video on complex subjects has become mandatory to meet this need for simplification and speed of consumption.

Video, the # 1 format for sharing on social networks

The flagship format of social networks, video, through its emotional dimension, makes it possible to share experiences. The formats of teasers and event revivals, Instagram stories are formats that allow to incite or extend the experience as long as possible.

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