Multiply the uses of video content.

Videos for

Your Website & YouTube channel marketing.
Your communication on social networks.
Your newsletters, your screens and your internal communication.

85.5% of companies publish video content. More than a third publishes it every month, a quarter publishes it every week and a quarter every day. – Buffer


Why a video strategy ?

Become an influential leader.

Visual and moving communication

Digital communication can be seen as a challenge for manufacturing companies that are already well established in the European or global landscape. But generations are renewing themselves and their expectations and decision-making adapt to their times. Today communication is visual and moving: it is video !

Gain both visibility and credibility

Because it is important to know how to highlight what we produce and the values of our company, a video strategy will allow you to gain visibility and credibility. By producing videos highlighting your innovations and expertise behind the product, by simply explaining technical products, by helping to choose between different ranges, the video will carry your digital communication.

Put faces on your industry

At a time when the act of purchasing becomes societal and environmental, being able to shed light on the men behind the industry is a necessity of the digital age. By showing your factories, your trades and your values, you develop your brand image and allow your industry to fully meet the current expectations of consumers.

Exemples of videos

Performed independently by 2Emotion users.

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They are using 2Emotion for their Marketing & Commerce videos.

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