GDPR at 2Emotion


The GDPR (European Data Protection Regulation) provides that each user is the owner of his data and can dispose of it at any time. In particular, it requires the companies concerned to keep a centralized and regularly updated register, thus an efficient and simplified data recovery process for the end user.

You will find below information on the nature and processing of your personal data operated by 2Emotion

Data concerned by the GDPR

The GDPR applies to personal data defined as “any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person”. For example, it can be a name, an email or an IP address.

Identification and use of personal data

On the website www.2emotion.com/en, 2Emotion collects the following data from contact forms

  • lastname and firstname
  • professional email address
  • professional phone number
  • company name
  • position held in the company

This data is then used according to the purpose of your request:

  • subscription to our newsletter
  • subscription to our CRM

About the marketing video production service app.2emotion.com, 2Emotion collects the following data

  • professional email address
  • lastname and firstname (optional)
  • phone number (optional)
  • profile picture (optional)

This data is then used to allow you to fully exploit the subscribed video marketing creation service:

  • identification of your account in the 2Emotion platform via your professional email address
  • sending personalized emails to follow the progress of your creations (for example: validation, publication of a video)
  • identification of the owner of the media integrated on the platform
  • identification of the creator of a video
  • simplified access for support via mobile phone number

Duration of retention of personal data

We retain personal data for the period necessary to perform the service. The end of your contractual relationship with 2Emotion implies the deletion of your account and associated personal data.

Securing personal data

2Emotion applies high security standards to guarantee the security of your personal data.

  • the 2Emotion platform is hosted in France in a protected datacenter 24/7
  • streams and data are encrypted according to the most robust protocols

Sharing of personal data

2Emotion does not share your personal data with third parties. Our business model is based solely on the use of the 2Emotion platform.

Access to your personal data

For any request for information and access to your personal data, simply send us an email at privacy@2emotion.com

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