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Video has become essential.
Create simply and quickly remarkable videos that outperform your goals.

multisupport 2Emotion
Marketing & Sales

Benefit of the best sales experience

Communication & Social Networking

Catch the attention to inform, to create awareness

Internal Communication, HR & Training

Become a learning organisation

Design Studio & Content Creation

Increase the creation of relevant content

Internet has become video.

It is the media which records the best performances.


x4,5 de visibilité et
x5,3 d’engagement

Sur les réseaux sociaux



+80% de conversion

Sur un site Internet



+20% de taux de clics

En publicité



+65,5% de taux de clics

Dans les emails



of your video needs
can be created in total autonomy.

To be efficient, it is essential to be well equipped.

Create videos independently.

With the reference tool.

No need for technical or artistic skills.
Create professional videos in 20 minutes.

Some figures.

2Emotion is…


years of video marketing experience


outstanding videos created


min, on average, to create a video

Taking the floor through videos
SEO Video

Sales video

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