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Citizens are looking for content that matches their new mode of digital consumption and the new possibilities offered by technology. Social Media Observatory


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Winning the battle for citizen attention

In a world where false information is relayed as much as real information, where attention on social networks is close to that of a goldfish, how can you continue your job of information and education? One solution, adapt its content to current uses. Short and in square format for better viewing on smartphones, the video delivers most of the information and then encourages the user to click to find out more.

Highlight your actions

Even more than a private company, local authorities and associations have a duty of transparency regarding their businesses and actions carried out. Produce video activity reports, create short videos, present your jobs, explain your commitments on video.

Media video to re-engage your communities

The heart of your missions revolves around civic engagement in an increasingly individualistic society. In the digital age, 80% of awareness and engagement work takes place online on your websites and social networks. Inform, promote your actions and disseminate good practices, all missions for which video will be essential to you.

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