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How to fade out audio ?

How to fade out audio ?

A sound fade allows the mixing of 2 sounds that intersect.

Used extensively when integrating interviews into a video, sound management becomes necessary. Fading in and out is a technique that allows you to gradually increase or decrease the sound in a video. This avoids sharp cuts in the sound and allows for a much smoother transition. The duration of these transitions is variable, but relatively short.
The rule is simple: the longer the video clip, the more interesting it is to fade in the sound. The shorter it is, the less necessary it is.

How do I use the sound fade?

On the 2Emotion platform, to use the sound fade, you have to adjust the volume and the duration of the fade. For example, if you want to stop the music volume during a sequence: click on “silent” volume and “normal” fade. The music volume will stop in two seconds.

First step: adjusting the volume

  1. Click on the sequence on which you want to manage the sound
  2. Click on the “Audio” tab and then “adjust “Audio
  3. Lower the volume of the overall music of your video
    You can manage the sound of the background music (chosen at the beginning in the global tab). You can lower the volume to very low or to silent.












Step 2: Choose the sound fade

This setting determines how long it takes for the background music to fade out to make room for the audio of the sequence. The length of the fade depends on the length of your video. The shorter your video clip is, the less time it takes for the sound to fade out. The longer your video clip is, the more pleasant it will be to listen to the fade-out.













Result : Your video will play its music until the video clip starts. At this point, within a few seconds, its volume will drop to make room for the video clip. At the end of the sequence, it will return to its normal volume.

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